Thursday, March 12, 2009

A visit from a sister

Had a great visit with Sandra, one of my sister's, recently. She is the second oldest of seven girls. She came from Willow, MO with two of her friends I met for the first time, Laurie and Mike. I realized after we had been together a couple of days, I only new her friends first names, and not their last names. We had a great time together. On Saturday, we went to the Ft. Sill Museum, Geronimo's gravesite, and the Museum of the Great Plains. Saturday night, we played a great game of Balderdash. Sandra won the game. My husband had us laughing hard! It was fun. I made some fluffy tapioca and doubled the recipe - all but the sugar, that is!! It was tolerable, but a little disappointing. Laurie wouldn't eat it. She said it makes her think of fish eggs! She had ice cream instead.

The next day was Sunday. Before church, I hurriedly put my oven on time bake and slid in some some pork chops and rice for dinner. While in church, I had this sneaking suspicion that I had done something wrong when I set the oven because I couldn't remember setting the temperture. Sure enough, on my return home, the kitchen didn't smell like lunch was ready. The oven had not come on at all. But, we made the best of it. I slipped the pan back in the fridg and we went to Ann's Country Kitchen, a great place for some home coooking. Then we went to the nearby Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, and to see some friends in Gracemont, OK. We got home at 7 or 7:30, so instead of cooking the chops then, we opted for leftovers from Friday and Saturday night. Saturday night, we played Sequence. Mike said he would never play that game again. I hope he was teasing. Laurie and I were the winners on all the games but one.

Unfortunately, I had to go to work on Monday. I did leave a little early, only to have a flat tire and got home around the same time as usual. At least dinner was easy - the chops and rice finally got baked. It was such a beautiful evening, we spent most of it outside just visiting. They left for Tucson, AZ to see Aunt Vickie on Tuesday morning when I left for work. I hope they have a good time. It was great to have company!

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  1. Nice pictures. Funny how dinner can go wrong when you have guests. lol